Love, Sarie - Photography
At 11 years old, my grandpa opened my lens to the captivating world of photography when he gave me my first 35mm camera. In high school, I developed more exposure by joining the Yearbook Club. It was there that I learned the fundamentals of developing film and secrets of the darkroom. I knew then, that this was my future. With the foundation and passion for photography in place, I packed my bags and headed to Missoula, MT to attend Rocky Mountain School of Photography. There, I was able to focus in on my talents while learning many techniques that I know and love today.
In July of 2011, I moved to Fort Pierce, Florida from Denver, Colorado. Though I am a Colorado girl at heart, I am in love with the year round gorgeous weather and scenery of Florida. I love to use both rural and urban settings, with the belief that the setting is just as, if not more, important than the make-up, clothes, or props. I thrive on seeing and sharing the many facets of God's creations captured in my photographs.